Our PRO OH-9 is a Dual symmetric lift, allowing both Symetric and A-Symetric lifting ability.  With a 9,000lb lifting capacity and a great price, this is the perfect lift for any shop or garage enthusiast by having both configuration of Symmetric and Asymmetric arms.

Amgo OH-9 PRO DUAL SYMETRIC High Ceiling Lift

$2,595.00 Regular Price
$2,395.00Sale Price
  • •   Dual direct drive hydraulic cylinders made to high standards. Pushing from the center of the carriage there by reducing wear on your slide blocks means Less Maintenance and NO CHAINS.


    •   Super Symetric Arms allowing both Symetric and A-Symetric lifting ability.


    •   Single point safety release, allows the operator to disengage both columns simultaneously. 


    •   Self lubricating UHMW Polyethylene sliders and bronze bushings.


    •   Clear floor design, provides unobstructed floor use.


    •   Overhead safety shut off device measures vehicle damage.


    •   Stackable rubber pads and 1.5", 2.5", 5"


  • Model OH-9
    Lifting Capacity 9,000lbs (4,000kg)
    Lifting Time 57 seconds
    Lifting height 71 1/2" ~ 80 1/2" (1815~2044mm)
    Overall Height 142 1/2" /150" (3621/3821mm)
    Overall Width 135 1/2" (3428mm)
    Drive-Thru Clearance 85 1/2" (2170mm)
    Width Between Columns 112 1/4" (2850mm)
    Minimum Pad Height 3 1/2" (90mm)
    Motor 2.0HP / 220V/60Hz, Single Phase
    Gross Weight 1,483lbs (673kg)