The X-631= Rf 8 Sensor CCD ALIGNER boasts a Powerhouse of technology. 

-Remote controls at each sensor
-LCD display provides the ability to control the alignment program at each sensor.
-19" LCD screen
-234" (19'5") Wheelbase range
-20 Degree CCD cameras
-Automatic spoiler program
-Choose Either 180 degree's or 90 degree's rolling compensation
-Completely cable-less
-2 year Warranty
-Free updates

Launchtech X-631 RF Wheel Alignment Machine

  • Main Screen: -Technician can choose from standard, quick or additional measurements -Technician can choose either 2-D or 3-D Graphics -Technician can choose either Learner mode or expert mode -234" wheelbase -36" Wheel grabber set with alloy wheel protection -11"-25" Wheel clamp set (set of 4) -Wheel sensors (set of 4) -PC with Microsoft software -Keyboard and printer -Heavy duty cabinet LEASING AVAILABLE FOR AS LITTLE AS $299 a month